Wow, an amazing bit of marketing from your team. Your history, however, reveals a sociopathic disdain for those of color; a fantastic ignorance of the plight of the poor; and, a classic neoliberal preference for the rich and the corporate over the worker and the commons. Maybe you have had an amazing revelation and changed your views, but the past thirty years have indicated a very different Joe Biden than the one this message seeks to show.

I’m not persuaded and I won’t be able to vote for this doddering Democrat without a serious progressive VP pick. Without that, you’ve lost me and any liberal interested in actually correcting this corrupt system that the Republican organization has established with the Democratic Party as its useful idiot. I’m focused on a progressive Congress, the Presidency is irrelevant in this cycle. Joe Biden is a corporate shill set forth by a corporate party with no actual intention to win. Whether he wins or not, I am hopeful that a progressive Congress will reign the President in and reform the laws that support the lawlessness promoted by the Republicans and condoned by the impotent Democrats.

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Software engineer & author. Former Senior Staff Engineer w/ Sun Microsystems. Latest book: Famine in the Bullpen. See & hear at

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