The Reason for the Lesion

Nothing deceives like ideology.

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  1. High school educated only
  2. Catholic
  3. Uninvolved in social issues, and without a culture of activism
  4. Involved in mining, farming, ranching (what Cerrell called “nature exploitive occupations”)
  5. Conservative
  6. Republican
  7. Advocates of the free market

The Lesions of Service

The canonical excuses arise throughout the citizen’s stories as they are interviewed by the professor. One couple, the Arenos, used to swim and fish in Bayou d’Inde and they remember the beautiful living cypress wall surrounding that pristine body. Residing now on the shore of the heavily polluted bayou surrounded by dead cypress trees, the poisonous water steaming in the heat and filling the air with volatile hydrocarbons, they nonetheless, thank their sovereign lord for their many blessings.

Jesus is not the Real Problem

I must hasten to clarify my views regarding spirituality. I believe that any person who takes to heart the written word regarding the person or persons recounted as Jesus of Nazareth, should manifest as a loving and welcoming individual of good moral character. Unfortunately the words of the biblical old testament (which have problems of their own) are twisted into the more benign new testament and presented as a comforting gruel to fill the desperate bellies of the uneducated and unreflective hollows whose beliefs and behaviors may then be formed by the narrative that serves their leader’s goals. The Louisiana churches conspire with the state and industry to remind the inhabitants that in this veil of tears, all tribulation will be eventually rewarded with eternal bliss. This trivial side-effect of Jesus’ much more expansive teaching has become the vile handle by which the oppressed may be wielded.

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