The Party of the Precision Screwdriver

We’ll clear the wreckage with this jeweler’s flat-head!

Photo by Everyday basics on Unsplash

Déjà Vu

Oh yes, we’ve lived through this before — twice actually. We are painfully aware of the Democratic Party’s tradition of tepid. While the Republican Organization destroys ancient traditions and effective institutions, the Democratic Party responds as would be expected from any deeply conservative organization, by keeping the latest Republican rubble safe and stable.

Enter the Progressive

The proper response to the wrecking ball is the tower crane. The proper response to the sledge hammer is the masonry trowel. The Democratic Party has openly and clearly eschewed these tools. Rebuilding always takes longer than destruction, but the tools for building are essential to this tedious but disciplined process. The Democratic Party is the United States’ Conservative party. The Republican Organization represents and executes the goals of a regressive elite: a cadre of wealthy oligarch-wannabes who seek to transform the world’s resources into a plush specialized pleasure dome that will be amenable to the special needs of their feeble species.

A Progressive Era

In a nation of citizens free to work as they wish and to invent without restriction, innovative solutions to problems will arise spontaneously. People may live and believe as they wish and controversial ideas will be expressed, critiqued and reviewed against facts leading to actual understanding that may be assessed by rational minds against the observable world. This is only possible in a world actively constructed to promote freedom and reason. The regressive cartoon notion of freedom will be the rightful brunt of professional jokes and the four freedoms declared by Franklin Roosevelt will become the proper illumination of that word. In an environment of reason, U.S. citizens will reject the emotional yelling match in favor of the well-reasoned moderated discussion. They will seek to solve the impenetrable problem rather than build a mythic narrative around it.

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