Q Lights Up Your Brain

How is the QAnon sycophant drawn in? I know!

Photo by Steve Halama on unsplash

The Engineering Experience

Aside from my children and my sweet spouse, engineering was my greatest joy. At Sun Microsystems, the engineer was served a regular diet of problems that others had declared to be impossible. The process was terrifying and exhilarating. The engineer was presented with a problem to which no one knew an answer — a problem that was presented as insurmountable, impossible, an impenetrable cypher. The engineer was tasked with discovering that answer. Every problem is “the world, broken” and engineering method was applied to the task of exposing the breakage and rending from it the correction that no one else knew: the correction that would repair this tiny part of the world.

The QAnon Experience

Q also provides problems that are intractable. Of course they are artificial, invented problems (problems from a vile conniving manipulator with no goal but the subjugation of dupes); but, to those who are otherwise incurious and unimaginative, these problems are as enticing as the problems submitted to the engineer. To an isolated loner or a repressed housewife, this tasty fruit of discovery may be irresistible. Combine that with the immediate interchange of the online community and we have the full repertoire of engineering joy: problem, resolution and reveal with commensurate accolades. By experiencing the problem within a community of peers, the ideas are reinforced and amplified as the individual is accepted and praised by the group. I suggest that the QAnon sycophant is drawn in and held by the same brain chemistry that makes the fields of engineering and science so alluring. The only difference is the discipline required to appreciate such a challenge and what results from that chemistry.

The NeverEnding Story

To those who follow Q, the problem is presented over and over in different guises, conforming to the latest paranoid whispers and always brought up-to-date with the ongoing evolving story. This is not harmless play. This is a long-term cynical project of gaslighting for the purpose of abuse. When the engineer addresses the problem and presents the solution, that project is done. The QAnon project must never be done.

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