Can Humans Evolve?

How does the manufactured environment select?

Photo by Misael Moreno on Unsplash

The Manufactured Environment

We humans are very resourceful in that we have gathered resources from our environment and formed a new environment. Unlike the bowerbird or the pilot fish, each of which constructs an elaborate presentation from their environment for the purpose of attracting a mate, we humans construct our mating displays permanently. Our buildings, our automobiles, our clothing and our artificial scents undergird our daily mating behavior.

A Manufactured Evolution

We humans have chosen to isolate ourselves from the very natural selection that has served life-kind for millennia assuring that each living thing best fits its environment — or dies trying. The dies trying part is the one to which we humans object. So, without natural selection, what keeps our creative and conservative components in check? I noted above that the mammalian female is the gatekeeper to the gene pool. To be fair, though, throughout history the human female has been relegated to oppressed sexual object, especially in those cases where the male was particularly nasty. Alexander the Great, as he conquered villages, saw to it that he and his commanders impregnated as many females as possible by force so as to assure that their offspring would endear them to that village over time. Genghis Khan, Napolean, Hideki Tojo and Arab sheikhs with their harems were also preoccupied with impregnating captured women in order to expand their influence. So while the mammalian female is usually the controller over all new gene-pool entries, among war-like humans, their hallowed and worthy role has been degraded.

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